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Cordwood Conference Papers 2005

27 interesting articles from the Cordwood Conference 2005 in Merrill , WI . 40 color photos, R-value testing from the U of Manitoba, Balewood, Cordwood Dorm Room, Paper Enhanced Mortar, Log Prep & Foam Insulation, Cordwood Siding, Engineer Built Cordwood, Recycling, Cordwood on a basement, Frost Protected Shallow foundations, Bright and Airy & Pattern Language Cordwood, and much, much more. A wonderful volume of facts, photos and inspiration. (125 pages) $30.00

Cordwood Conference Papers 2005 - CD Version


The Cordwood Conference Papers 2005 in CD format. The CD version has all the photos in color and the text can easily be searched using Adobe's Acrobat Reader (included). This unabridged version includes the papers in their intirety from Dr. Kris Dick and Ross Martinek. Also included on this CD are the Power Point Presentations from the conference. $20.00

Cordwood and the Code (with CD)
A Building Permit Guide

The first document ever published that deals specifically with Code Compliance Issues. Included is 2005 R-value testing, Fire Resistance testing, certified Compression tests, REScheck software explained, Building Permit samples & suggestions, A Sample successful Building Permit Application Document, References, website and a CD of a sample building permit document that you can cut, paste and modify to present to your code officials. $26.00

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