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About Us

Jo and I (Alan) have been married since 1987. We both grew up in the city of Chicago but ended up moving out to the burbs. We first lived in an apartment for four years before we saved up enough money to get a mortgage for a house. We bought the house in 1984 and have lived in the same house since. Much has changed since we purchased the house. We were at one time the last house on the block with vacant land next to us. It was nice to have pheasants visit our bird feeder in the morning. But now, as with most areas around Chicago, the area has become congested and void of natural habitat.

In 1994 we started our quest to purchase land in the country that we could eventually move to. After much consideration, we settled on the La Crosse, Wisconsin area and spent a couple of years looking for some land to meet our needs. We finally found land for sale that included a creek (Day Creek of course) and a bluff about 7 miles west of the Mississippi River in southeast Minnesota. This is where we plan to eventually move, once the house has been built. Since I will be building the house myself, Jo will be the "bread winner" for a while. This is and has been a big decision for us, and scary to say the least. But, hey that's what life is all about -- right?

We hope you find our web site an enjoyable experience. If you would like to follow along, visit Day Creek Journal for updates to our progress.