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Alternative Housebuilding Techniques

Cordwood Masonry
Cordwood Masonry or what is sometimes referred to stackwall is a building technique that uses cordwood and masonry to build a house that has outstanding thermal mass and insulative properties. Find out what it's all about here or visit Day Creek Journal to find out how our own house building experience is coming along.

In the late 1800's stawbale homes were being built in the Sandhill region of Nebraska. Today, they are being built on a global scale. Take a look at the pro's and con's to a strawbale house.

Earthships are homes build out of compacted earth and tires. The homes have great thermal mass and find a good use for old tires. You'll be amazed at how beautiful a house can be made out of tires.

Cob homes are made out of one of the most abundant and natural resources the Earth has to offer: Mud. Get the scoop on how to build a dirt cheap home.



There are a number of sites on the Internet related to the building techniques listed here. Here's a number of links to get you surfing.

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Want to read up on different building techniques? Here's a list of books to get you started.