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About Building Cordwood

by Jack Henstridge


I'm the first to admit that this "book" is not the "Be all - End all" of Cordwood Construction. Without question there are other ways of doing it. What I have here is what I've found to work for me... You might already know of easier ways to do it. This is simply a good foundation that I've discovered through trial and error. If you follow the basic steps laid out in my book, you can't go too far astray.

After more than a decade of almost total involvement in the research and development of this technique, I'm convinced more than ever that here indeed is possibly one of the best construction methods available - especially for those of you who are First Time Builders with limited funds. I can cite case after case where relatively inexperienced people have been able to build themselves very comfortable, attractive inexpensive homes - but be warned - I can also cite cases that would fall into the category of Horror Stories. Fortunately however the former far exceed the latter - but they do exist. However, in the final analysis many of the problems didn't really relate to the technique.

Building cordwood is a big responsibility, not just for you but for the others who will follow. You owe it to yourself and to them to do the job to the best of your ability. Take your time. Plan your work and work your plan.

Jacks book, ABC - All About Cordwood is a compilation of Jack's cordwood building experiences and information on constructing with cordwood. Included in Jack's book is a study done by the University of New Brunswick regarding a fire endurance test done on a cordwood wall. Jack's book is 72 pages. (Black and white, photocopy.)

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Jack Henstridge
1149 Rt. 102
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New Brunswick, Canada E5M 1R9

Phone 506.488.2477

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