Southeast Minnesota 2007 Flood


If you look closely, you can "Find Cars" in this image. (County 7 near Highway 16)


No Passing Zone.. (County 7, east of Hokah)


County 7 is down to one muddy lane in most places.


You can see how the sod on hillsides just gave up the ghost after a while.


This is where things start to get dicey. I felt awkward taking these photographs. I did not want the residents to feel as if they were on display and I would always stop and ask if anyone needed any assistance. With that said, there were many people just driving along snapping photographs. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes. I feel extremely lucky that in our case that although we have a mess on our hands, our house is okay.


From what I can gather, the hill in the background partially gave way pushing the garage into the house. To the right of the garage is an overturned camper. A canoe is partially submerged in silt, right foreground. Power lines are down everywhere.


This house is totally destroyed. It is scary to think that these hillsides which make the area
so beautiful could turn into a torrent of mud, rocks and trees.


There isn't much to see in this photo three days after the flood, but it appears the
Junction Inn had between four and five feet of water. The owner says their place
is a total loss. (For large gatherings, we always got their chicken.)


One of the many dangers of floods in rural areas are propane tanks that break loose
and float around. This one is parked by the Hwy 16/44 intersection.


There are at least two cars in this flooded field near the intersection of Hwy 16/44.
I'm not sure if these cars were occupied or not at the time of the flood. There is a
used car lot nearby and they could have floated to where they now rest.


Onwards to Brownsville...


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All photographs © Alan Stankevitz, 2007