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Angelika and Sandy

the cordstead
The Cordwood Journey of building your own personal statement of residence leads different people down different roads.

Our journey was of 8 years before we moved into “The Cordstead”

Your life style and your beliefs are prominent in the design of your home & make a personal statement whenever anyone stands back to view your creation. Cordwood structures stand out & amplify these statements.


Some onlookers will see beauty, some see art, some see a house, some a Dream come true & others a cabin, and still others just don’t get it. In the end it must please you and provide you with what you need and want from a home.

Building a cordwood home brings out qualities you didn’t even know you have, the artist in you, even the child who wants to play in the mud, and it gets those creative juices flowing.

The emotional highs of goal achievements and the lows of temporary setbacks & disappointments keep life spicy, & interesting, & are all part of this journey.

Many hours of preparations are needed prior to the actual building of the home that can dull your enthusiasm through out the years. You can overcome these hurdles and the sceptic people, by keeping focused on your goals.

We did build The Cordstead mixing old world designs and new world technology and materials trying to move Cordwood forward into the modern day world.

Over the years I‘ve documented our journey in great detail in “The Cordstead Memoirs”, written several technical papers on Cordwood & modern materials, methods and processes, I posted study papers and documented the Cordstead’s Post building performance for almost a 5-year period.

For those interested in our Papers, Research & Records These are available on “The Cordstead Collection” disc details on our site:

“The Cordstead”

The feeling of finally living in our Cordwood home is almost indescribable—an emotion cocktail blend of, pioneering, pride, satisfaction, & accomplishment.

Should you venture down the road of building your own cordwood home, I wish you the same incredible experiences we’ve had.

Sandy (sandman) & Angelika